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I just wanted to give a shout out to Mr. Shaw and share what a great time I had with him yesterday.

I've been in the (gay) BDSM scene for a long time and Mr. Shaw ranked among the most intuitive, giving and present Dom's I've played with. 

He's also one of the sexiest too exhibiting a very masculine yet caring persona. 

He also created a safe and nonjudgmental space wherein we both could fully explore and express our fantasies and fetish play.

To be honest, I was concerned a straight Dom may be a little uncomfortable or inhibited playing with another man, but it was quickly obvious Mr. Shaw subscribes to the same philosophy that BDSM is about energy and not restricted by gender.

I was surprised to learn I was only the 2nd male that Mr. Shaw has ever dommed. Judging by my experience Mr. Shaw is certainly worthy of a very robust male sub following.

/ Badnomad /

"After today’s session I feel much less repressed than before, having at least tried something I wanted to for so long. It’s led to a lot of inner peace."

/ A.D. /