Mr. Shaw

“I can scarcely begin to describe my experience with Mr. Shaw, but perhaps that's better. Some things are better experienced first-hand. 

I can tell you everything about him put me at ease, enough to overcome my usually suffocating shame and actually book a session. He is consistent, communicative, professional, and genuine. Nothing about the session felt preconceived; everything was a response to me and my needs. He listened, took the information into account and used it to guide him as he asked me to let go so he could work his own magic. And no, that's not a cute word. It. Felt. Magical. The words he spoke, I actually heard, instead of cynically dismissing. The way he touched me, held me, supported me, looked at me - and struck me - was exactly what I needed. His pacing with the floggers was almost musical, and his accuracy was, necessarily, perfect. 

I needed a strong, primal, intelligent, intuitive man to give a shit about me for a minute, and Mr. Shaw did. And so much more. He reconnected me with my body and my humanity, which I honestly did not believe was possible. Some people go through life broken and for the last 30ish years, and I had all but accepted that I was to be one of them. 

 I have been in and out of therapy for 25 years now, and while I absolutely support people going to therapy, it simply never worked for me. In fact, it occasionally made things worse. I got more truth and healing out of my session with Mr. Shaw than all the therapy I've gone through, combined. For me, he was a mirror who showed me what he wanted me to see in myself.

It was the greatest single gift that I have ever given myself, and I am wholeheartedly looking forward to next time.”

/ Bun R. /

"Just wanted to write a thank you- Mr. Shaw was wonderful and the session was exactly what I needed and more. He was so thoughtful, intuitive and sensitive and it really shows in his understanding of BDSM, positive objectification, negotiation and aftercare. His vulnerability had me feeling comfortable from the very beginning I was able to drop my guard even though I was so nervous and didn't know what to expect!. He knows exactly how to make a woman feel cared for, safe, respected, seen and I just love his thorough questions like, "What will I see and hear when you are having a good time?". I feel that he's a shining example to all men on how to be self-aware, attuned, empathic and integrated. His style is spectacular,  his pacing doesn't miss a beat and his ability to hold space for a woman without ego all the while maintaining dominance is just beautiful. I know how difficult that balance is to strike being a pro and healer myself. This was one of, if not the best experience I treated myself to all year.  I will definitely be back to see him."

/ Pro-Domme C.A.  /

"After today’s session I feel much less repressed than before, having at least tried something I wanted to for so long. It’s led to a lot of inner peace."


“Mr. Shaw was the first person I played with after my long term relationship with my dominant ended. I felt nervous to be playing with a new person, but from negotiation to aftercare, he made me feel safe, comfortable, and sexy. He worked with me to find what type of play I wanted to explore and what types of sensations I wanted to feel. His skills with different toys, emotional sensitivity, and openness towards sexuality allowed me to let go of my thoughts and inhibitions and ultimately to embrace my erotic self. Mr. Shaw is amazing!”

/ Kelsey B.  /

"I had a lot of new experiences that day anywhere from saying yes sir which I haven't said to anybody except my stepdad in my whole life. Or maybe an elder at some point time. To being told what to do and having memories of being a child and thinking wow I haven't been told what to do in a really long time. To some part of me enjoying it and confused by enjoying it.

What was unexpected was all the beautiful words that came out of your mouth that shocked me so much. I don't even know if I remember all of them as it felt like time went in some kind of wonky way. I'm still amazed that you didn't hit my face when you are flogging me from the front to my back and that was really beautiful. I don't think I've been hit that hard by anyone in my life and somehow even with the thoughts going through my head of what am I doing this for, enjoying it.

I dropped into "can I trust this man?" and everything you did was show me that you could be trusted. And that is the biggest thing that was really incredible for me and I thank you for that.

My highlight was having that flogger on my back. That was pretty hot I have to say my body really liked that And the surprise of the different Sensations with the crop was pretty interesting as well and the vampire gloves, that was a new sensual yet sharp experience. I'm not even sure how to put words to!"

/ HRD /